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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 28, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> now on chasing amy. >> look at pictures of menaces. racoons are a whole new breed. i woke up to a rabid raccoon knocking on my window. >> the spring of 1971, i met a girl. >> clinton will be a valuable partner to hillary clinton, but what is his role going to be? >> yoga athletics. >> focusing on inner beauty. >> a lot of our customers. >> a skirt on during yoga is not helpful. >> new york city has been
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invaded by pets, they are terrorizing people, what is going on? >> it is real every neighborhood, has its fair share of problems, harlem is no exception, i have covered a lot of stories about cultural conflict, and. this latest problem is unique. racoons. take a look at these pictures of menaces terrorizing the block on manhattan's west side. running through people's backyards, to the doors and knocking. >> no, no. >> yeah, they are on patrol looking for food where they can get it, these city racoons are a whole new breed, they take things to extremes. >> are you afraid of them. >> no. >> that is melvin, he served our country for army, overseas, he is trained to combat all sorts of enemies, he will not go near
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these guys, i spoke with jen, she confirms they ate two of her turtles. she did not want to speak about it on camera, everyone knows everyone here, thanks to the woman with the plan, meet jeanie, she is 119th street block association president. >> we've been fighting this for a couple of years now, we've called every city agency. >> it has fallen on deaf ears. >> i have a brother who lives upstate new york in a farm he said i will come down and catch them and cook them. >> a great idea. >> we talked with the people. >> would you eat a raccoon. >> if i had to. >> a great answer. >> you can't eat them in the summertime. >> a community meeting there this is proof of darwinism, all racoons in country they can get along, in the city only strong survive. >> that is right. >> i saw one run across the street by the shop, in jersey
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city. rights by harlen tunnel -- harlem tunnel he was this big. >> when i was on upper west side, i woke up to a rabid raccoon knocking on my window, i have a picture, i had to call 311. >> sthee those stories are stra, new yorker say they are so tough but when it comes to vermin they cannot hand it, it. >> they said they reached out to mayor de blasio, one person said, we have rats, she got a response. >> they are not hearing back from de blasio, would you say that de blasio is playing opossum. >> nicely done, that is so alex. >> all right. thank you tara. >> thanks guys.
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>> high-speed chase, jillian. >> in chicago. she was told by her boss that this outfit she was wearing was unprofessional because she was wearing a headscarf. she found a way around this. this is wearing everything that the boss put out, sh also -- who could forget, als ice bucket challenge? video that became viral sensations in 2014, raising $100 million, now we have learned that money made a huge difference, als association, said that used that money to
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fund a global research project, they have discovered finds of a very common gene, this will help them create more -- more targeted therapy, let's all donate, right. >> racism, anti-semitism, violence, i might be talking about the nation of islam, ashley you caught up with them? >> i spoke with minister abdul mohamed we talked about the heated presidential election, he is voice for farrakhan based in new york city, they do not support any form of terrorism. he said there are radicals in anyinization -- organization. >> there are radical jews, and christians and muslims, the
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political construct must determine the enemy, they call the enemy radical islam. radical white christians. >> the minister said when it comes to trump at least you know his true colors, from his remarks about getting muslims out of the country. >> farrakhan said, we don't stand with his statements that he made, but he said in a tinne- interview that america should vet those comes in, that they know are upset with american foreign policy. because in the borders of america, they could want to do something kind of damage because of what is persevered or real has been done to them or their people. >> the last point to make is nation of islam, say do not tan behind either candidate, they say neither one does anything for the black community. >> it would be good to have a
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woman she is qualified, it would be good to have a businessman because america is messed up business wise. but they can't run together. they run against each other, have you have to choose. i don't like either one of them. >> a lot of times you hear, people group people together based on faith, he said you don't see that with other groups when someone does something wrong and they are christian we don't call can radical christianity, when someone does something wrong and they are jewish, they don't call him a radical jew, he said it is not fair to put to that burden on them. >> a culture seta attacking western civiliation, it a different situation. >> with all due respect you don't see christians as suicide bombers. >> i ran a mile in someone
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else's shoes, i have to say, i feel great, but i will self conscious about my outfit, i am in a snogga. >> name is combination of -- hebrew for modest and yoga together. >> what i am wearing right here, a bit of a skirt with pants attached. thank you. a line of work out gear originally described for orthodox jewish women who practice modesty and focusing on inner beauty even when working out. a jersey shore girl, and one of those women saw a lot of comfortable options, and then opportunities. >> i stopped wearing pants, i started to wear only skirts for modest reasons, but we find a lot of our cus customers wear ss
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every day, some of them just like wearing a skirt, feeling feminine. >> i met her at her home, with her mother and business partner, they have a booming be right now out of their basement. comfort and modesty principles across the board, and across the globe it seems. >> tremendous response, every order that we get, every shipment we get we sell out, and we're always awaiting the next shipment. often a lot of the orders we get on the site are back ordered. >> for you fellow cycelsers out their -- cyclers out there you can open this for more flexible tie. >> not about -- it is about feeling cofeelcomfort able in yy range in price, and 10% goes to
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women's charities, grab your snogga at their on-line store. >> capitalist of the week, without saying. >> but yoga, you have all of these crazy poses. and your legs have to be spread apart, so, does it constrict you, i would feel like having a skirt on during yoga would not be helpful. >> it is made out of a lycra, you can wear it in the pool, you can get it drenched, it will wear forever. >> i am not an advocate to cover-up in the gym, it is time to be sexy, check yourself out, have fun. >> oh. >> check out this guy, famous on youtube for creating videos like this ♪ put that sexy thing over there. >> he was in his car with his
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mom lip-synching and dancing to hottest songs of summer. we were amused by it his mom not so much. >> she has been living with that her whole life. >> ♪ >> this young stud, shows up at a hospital, with yellow balloons, and he is about foe -- to surprise his best friend with best news, he is a match for his kidney, so his friend will get a second chance at life. >> democratic national convention, bill clinton telling the story how he met his wife. >> the first time i saw her, we were in a class on political and civil rights. >> is she following in his footsteps or blazing new
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>> when bill clinton was running for president in 1992, one of his slogans was two for the price of one, showing how valuable hiblg wif his wife woun his presidency, but, he was telling story about hug he met . >> i met a girl.
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the first time i saw her, we were in a class on political and civil rights. >> clinton the no doubt be a valuable partner to hillary if she wins the white house, but what is his role going to be? i talked with some convention delegates. >> there is no better communicator than bill clinton, he did an excellent job expeeking abouspeakingabout hise was proud. he was trying to bring the troops together. >> a loyal obama supporter, he has a life size cardboard cut out of the president in his living room, but he thinks that hillary will be a worthy successor to president obama. >> yes, hillary clinton is a worthy successor to the president. because of her experience. >> is this the question, what is she running for?
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we heard policy proposal from her, we heard her say see wants to crete more economy opportunity and empower young people, but until thursday night what she delivers her speech what is her rational? a third term of bill clinton, a third term of president obama, soar something else? what is hillary's mission? is she following in footsteps for playing a new trail. >> bill clinton's task was to make sure his wife did not go down in history as most unknown, known person, he gave us approve on his -- a perspective on his wife that nobody else can, he tasked her with universal health care as a task when he was president. >> hillary has bill clinton, and her own experience to play othey know how to move in washington circles, is it insiderrism? yes, but it may be only way to get done when you want. >> you went to the
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conditionvention. >> the dnc is anything but boring, there are great costumes, there are celebrities, political figures and. then, there is bill spadea. >> are we lost again. >> we're not lost we're just going in another direction from some say other direct, some say lost. >> just be positive. >> we have walked probably a mile. we are eligible to get a floor pass. but no one seems to know where you the line is. we have -- he has a shirt that says ask me, if you wear the ask me shirt, you should have an answer. >> i am going back another mile. >> we got ourselves on to the coconvention floor just as roll call vote was unfolding. >> we spoke with mayor raqqa
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after hillary clinton won the nomination. >> exciting in here, and electric this room is the best room in the united states right now, and america, democratic party is united. you can see today. >> listen to scene in the wells fargo center, you could hear loud cheers, and applause add bernie sanders sense over his delegate to clinton party, calling for a united party, then right outside of the center. >> walk out. >> this is -- they stole it from you. >> the whole system is rigged. >> we're going to break the establishment. >> tonight of chaotic, this area is just for media. what happens is that protesters got in before the cops closed perimeter. and sealed door. >> snipers have guns on us right
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now, these are delegates who have been elected to represent their communities, and they were ready for this with snipers on us. >> not only are is a police car here, but you have a military-style truck. >> the protest remain peaceful, but anger was hard to deny, should it worry secretary clinton? before this bill and i spoke with new jersey elected officials. i asked them, their thought on bernie sanders movement. >> i think it has been great, i think a lot of unity, and i know, you know some of media has been reporting that not true, but it has been. >> people are speaking up, both parties catching up with them, it is unusual they better list listen. >> i am in fdr park in phillie, i am here with. >> andre. >> all right, we're here to talk about this thing that andre
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created, picks for peeps. >> you walk up to a person different race and color of yours, snap a picture of them, you can't take a picture say cool it done, you will talk to that person that builds brings and friendships. >> it is a great idea, bring people together. >> she understands it. >> it is fantastic, i love to promotes diversity anywhere i can. >> says unity, once we're able as a people you know to recognize all of our human nature, and we're all human, we'll stand together and fight the power. we're still in fdr park we got an exclusive interview with bernie sanders. >> i am so excited, i have been
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telling ber bernie about picks r peace. >> he is being quiet but she speechless over picks for peace. >> snap a pick. >> get in here snap this picture with bernie, yeah. >> i went down to ground zero i got sick. >> this is not on cdc list of certified diseases. >> it is going do rieux kno rui. >> what a super tuesday. >> don't even believe in climate change. >> this is a movement getting the establishment very nervous. >> day one, we're there. >> this is not just divisive rhetoric my friend, this is dangerou
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>> best day at the ballpark or worse day ever? >> yes that is what happened, in florida, watch the video, find out. that is worth $10. >> right there. >> chasing news coming right
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>> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down by logging on to chasing >> what is better than a day out at the ballpark with your friends? not much, unless it is camp day, and there are a bunch of kids, what if it is camp day, minor league, and a bench clearing brawl breaking out. that happened in florid floridar hammerhead and thetarer to -- tortugas. he is hanging out, in his gara garage. catching spiders in buckets.
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>> if you have driven down route 3 you may have seen this billboard, on it, do right by mike, and an image. on the billboard is mike menga, he was a compton lake police officer on september 11, he went to ground zero looking for his father, he stayed to do search and rescue issue because of this, he is faced an array of ailments, cdc has certified and recognized it due to his exposure to toxins while down in ground zero. and he also been compensate by victim's compensation fund for some. all but -- his kidney disease. >> problem and i went down to ground zero i got sick, my kidneys are screwed up from it they are not compensating me for it. >> he wants cdc to certify kidney disease as an ailment from exposure to these toxins in
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9/11, my responded, that same way that all of the other first responders did that day. >> my father was a police officer, we could not get a hole of him we got dressed up and uniform and we went to look for my father, he found him, he was aialive, we lost 39 people in hs department, we went to help look for people. >> he spent days, then in 2000 three he was told he had to have his health monitored. they determined that mike did have several problem related to exposure to ground zero. now mike qualified for a $50,000 settlement, with the victim's compensation fund. but not for his kidney disorder. >> i don't think i am going to die from this disease, but i will get sick, i have to go on dialysis. >> he put up this billboard, he
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has not been able to work because of this and his expectses are to point he -- expenses are to point he lost his home. who is paying for his medical bills. >> workman's compensation for his medical bills. >> chloe has wowed audiences with her voice but it came to a halt she was diagnosed with a rare disease. >> you can get better. >> nothing is holding her back. ♪ sometimes you have to move. >> i just released a new song. >> what a super tuesday. >> i don't even believe in climate change. >> this is a movement getting the establishment very nervous. >> alex day one we're there. >> this is not just divisive rhet
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i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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